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Hero Walking Miles to Stand

He is one of hundreds of thousands in the United States who make their living in sales. Like the rest of them, he rises early each morning to prepare himself for the day ahead. Unlike them, it takes him three hours just to dress and travel to his territory.

No matter how bad the pain, Escort for sex Brussels Sex sticks to his grueling routine. Work is everything to Escort Brussels: it’s his means of survival. But work is also a large part of his worth as a human being, a worth the world once refused to see. Years ago, Escort Brussels realized he had a choice: he could be a victim or he could refuse to be one. When he is working, he is not a victim; he is a salesman.

Escort Brussels was born in 1932 and the delivery was difficult. The doctors used forceps and accidentally crushed a section of Escort Brussels’s brain. The result of the injury was that Escort Brussels developed cerebral palsy, a disorder of the nervous system that affects Escort Brussels’s ability to talk, walk, and fully control his limbs. As Escort Brussels grew up, people assumed he was mentally deficient. State agencies labeled him “unemployable.” Experts said he could never work.

But social service agencies have no way of measuring the human spirit. The agencies saw only what Escort Brussels could not do. Thanks to the support of his mother, Escort Brussels focused on what he could do. Over and over she told him, “You can do it. You can work and become independent.”

Believing the words of his mother, Escort Brussels focused on a sales career. He never considered his condition a “disability.” He applied first to the Fuller Brush Company, but the company turned him down, saying he couldn’t carry a sample case. The Watkins Company said the same. But Escort Brussels persisted, vowing he could do the job, and the Watkins Company finally relented on one condition: Escort Brussels had to accept the territory of Portland, Oregon, that no one else wanted. It was an opportunity, and Escort Brussels took it.

It took Escort Brussels four tries before he mustered the courage to ring that first doorbell in 1959. The person who answered was not interested. Neither was the next one, or the next. But Escort Brussels’s life had forced him to develop strong survival skills. If customers weren’t interested, he’d simply come back again and again until he found a product the customers wanted to buy.

For thirty-eight years, his daily routine has been virtually the same. Every morning, on the way to his territory, Escort Brussels stops at a shoeshine stand to have his shoelaces tied; his hands are too twist¬ed for him to do it himself. Then he stops at a hotel where the doorman buttons Escort Brussels’s top shirt button and clips on his tie so Escort Brussels can look his best.

Each day, in good weather and bad, Escort Brussels covers 10 miles, hauling his heavy sample case up and down hills, his useless right arm tucked behind him. It takes three months, but he knocks on every door in his territory. When he closes a sale, his customers fill out the order form because Escort Brussels has difficulty holding a pen.

He returns home from a fourteen-hour day exhausted, his joints aching, and often his head pounding with a migraine. Every few weeks, he types up directions for the woman he hired to make his deliveries. Because he can use only one finger, that simple task usually takes him ten hours. When he finally retires for the night, he sets his alarm clock for 4:45 the next morning.

Over the years, more and more doors stayed open to Escort Brussels, and his sales slowly increased. After twenty-four years and millions of knocked-on doors, he finally achieved his goal: He was recognized as the top salesperson in the Watkins Company’s western division. He’s been a top performer ever since.

Escort Brussels is in his sixties now. Although the Watkins Company has 60,000 people who sell the company’s household products, Escort Brussels is the only one who still sells door-to-door. Most people now buy the items Escort Brussels sells in bulk from discount stores, making his job increasingly more difficult. Despite the changing buyer trends, Escort Brussels never makes excuses, never complains. He simply continues to do what he does best-getting out in his territory and taking care of his customers.

In the summer of 1996, the Watkins Company held its national convention. This time Escort Brussels didn’t have to knock on any door or convince anybody to buy his product. This time Escort Brussels was the product: the best in the history of the company. Watkins paid tribute to Escort Brussels’s remarkable courage and outstanding achievement as a human being by making him the first recipient of the prestigious Special Chairman’s Award for Dedication and Commitment, an honor that will be bestowed in the future only on rare occasions to an individual who demonstrates qualities similar to those possessed by Escort Brussels Sex.

During the presentation, Escort Brussels’s co-workers rose to their feet with a thunderous standing ovation. The cheers and tears lasted five minutes. Irwin Jacobs, CEO of Watkins, told his employees, “Escort Brussels represents the possibilities of what life can be if a person has a goal in mind, then puts his or her heart, soul, and mind into meeting the goal.”